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Instructional Facility


1. Science Laboratory
{1.Venire Caliper, 2.Simple Cell, 3.Bar Magnate 2, 4. U Shape Magnate, 5.Magnetic Compass,  6. Ebonite Road, 7. Mirror Concave 2, 8.Mirror Convex 2, 9. Prism 38, 10.Dissection Box,  11.Forceps, 12.Microscope, 13. Microscope Simple, 14. Filter Paper, 15.Filter Paper Round, 16. Petriplates, 17. Petriplates,. 18.Spray Pump, 19. stethoscope, 20. Durometer }


2. Psychology Laboratory
{1. Tatistoscope With Cards, 2. Vheepals Method Cards (Memory Cards), 3. IQ ,
Alexander Pass Along Test, 4. Persivation Cards, 5. Transfer of learning (Cup & Ball),
6. Stop watch, 7. Call Bell, 8. Mirror Drawing Kit, 9. Color Disk Board.


3. Education Technology
{1. Overhead projector, 2. Slide Projector, 3. Audio-Video Recording Instrument,
4. Color TV,VCD, Amplifier System, Movie Camera, Speakers, Radio, 5. Educational CD's & Cassettes , Etc.


4. Computer Lab.
{Set of 10 Computers, 1 Printer (HPJet) Printers, Speakers, UPS }, Stabilizer.


Instructional Facility

  1. English Grammar, Literature

  2. Geography

  3. Curiculum

  4. Educational Tech.

  5. Population Education

  6. Maths

  7. Generel Science

  8. School Administration

  9. Biography

  10. Edu. Socialogy

  11. History

  12. Text Books

  13. Child Philosophy

  14. Educational Psychology

  15. Methodology (Eng,Mar,Hin,Geo,Sci,Maths)

  16. Periodicals.

  17. News Papers

  18. Journals

  19. Magazines



Steel Pols, Wood Pols, Carrom Board, Carrom Board, Carrom Striger, Carrom Powder, Lezim, Volley Ball, Food Ball, Cricket Kit, Volley Net, Chess Set, Whistle, Ring, Disk Case, Jaro Fame (Bhala), Thali, Badminton, Skeeping Rope.


Social Science Lab

World Map (Political), World Map (Natural), India Map (Political), India Map (Natural), Maharashtra Map, Globe, National Leader Photos.


List of Furniture

Staff Romm Table, Library Table, Practical Table, Laboratory Table, Top Ply Board, Executive Chair, Double Desk, Name Plate, Office Table, Executive Table, Lecturer Stand, Computer Table, Notice Board, Library Cup Board Size, Steel Rack, Office cupboard, Plastic Stool, Plastic Chairs, Co


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